Whether to Use Swear Words in a Blog

Shit! I ran my site through a checker just because. I stumbled upon some site, can’t remember the name of it even. But it said my site has too much goddamn swearing on it. Shocking, I know.

But it got me wondering if maybe I should tone it down, or rather, get rid of the swearing almost altogether. Why? No, not because I’m selling out to “The Man” or anything. I wouldn’t have my site’s title be Mommy Needs Vodka if I was doing that! But, since I write professionally IRL and could use some more freelance work, it’d be nice to be able to point people here. And, in looking at some other sites, there are times when the message of the posts get lost in the swearing. I ain’t Cormack McCarthy dammit so for me it boils down to whether the reader will enjoy reading and whether the writer is enjoying the subject/post/whatever.

Part of me says fuck who cares. If a reader happens along who doesn’t like what I wrote, there’s a red X in the top right corner she/he can click. And they can kiss my round white ass behind. Then they can go play with themselves. At the same time, it’s fun to write and let it all hang out. But THAT can and should only be done in a private, written journal, not online. You can go maybe 75% on the web with your writing, but 100% in the journal which is why I’ve kept one since I was 14. Never post anything online you want to keep a secret! Wait…I’ve gone off on a tangent.

Because I do think it’s fucking awesome to swear and let it all hang out. But if more readers enjoy not reading swearing, they aren’t reading my 100% private journal, only this, so who cares. So fine. I won’t swear. Much. Or maybe a little.