Obama Got Osama!

(c) Mommy Needs Vodka

So 10 years later we finally got him. YEE-FUCKING-HAW! Some will say, Oh it’s not appropriate to celebrate, and all that shit. Me, I’m for the families who lost their loved ones on 9/11, serving in Iraq, the terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 and after, and for all the people this man poisoned into being his followers. May they be comforted by the fact that the fish are feasting on him now.

A temporary backlash? Sure, probably. Over the long term, though, he was a modern day Hitler who had to be taken out for the safety of the world.

It’s also a victory for Obama’s presidency. He acted with cool courage in a tight situation. I can even forgive him for this. Yes, I will have to pay for Immodium and Excedrin without my Benny card–I shall try to recover from that injustice.

One can only hope that we will one day board flights without being subjected to everyone’s smelly feet as they remove their shoes for the security conveyor belt. Or that some Osama-dude on our flight won’t accidentally light his dick on fire for trying to blow up a plane. Or that our checked bags aren’t pilfered by security.

P.S. I’ll leave my lovely readers with a tip that a coworker shared with me to save your luggage from being picked through. On your return flight home, put all your awesome stuff toward the bottom, then stinky sandals/shoes on top of that, then unwashed socks, and on top of that, your dirty underwear. He said this has worked foolproof for him and his bags haven’t been tampered with since. I shall have to put this nugget of info into my vault of crackpot knowledge!