Mommy Needs Vodka — But Wants More Out of Life

(c) Mommy Needs Vodka
Mommy Needs Vodka is a fine blog name.
For obvious reasons, for the past 6 months I have felt very BULLIED to give it up due to a “famous” mommy blogger (didn’t know there was such a thing when I started this website, honest to God) who identifies herself very strongly with a similar blog name. I do not identify myself with any web name, etc, so I don’t relate to that at all.
But that’s a different post for a different time.
My post for today is this: I’ve always been “a writer.”  To me, that’s completely different from being “a blogger.” Not saying one is better than the other; they are just different. There are all different kinds of writing, and writing an online diary is just one of many avenues for expression.
When I started a blog 3 ½ years ago, I began it only as a means to cut down on email. I had no clue about SEO, Pagerank, promotion, etc. I was ignorant, and was also when I started this website. Now all I’ve gotten is harassed by “pranksers” from this other mommy blogger. So, please, pretty please, knock it off. I get like 8 readers per day, & only half of those are actually “my” readers.
This in no way threatens someone who gets 8K hits per MONTH. FWIW I offered even to sell this site for merely the $13 I paid to start it. I had no idea that it would be a problem.
I started this blog as merely a way to express myself to a small number of friends so that I could vent about the humorous and often difficult aspect of toddlerhood for the working mommy. That’s all.
Anyway, onward….since I do want to get more freelance work, lately I’ve been thinking more about starting a separate site that just features a more professional side; I mean, I can’t just approach a magazine, etc, and go, “Oh, check out my Writing on Mommy Needs Vodka dot com” ya know?
Still, I want to vent over here.
Beyond that, though, I don’t want to Box Myself In. Lately I’ve been exploring other means of creative expression that have been stifled by years of working corporate and raising kids. I want Me back! It seems that the baby/toddler years, in addition to working, are so taxing, that there hasn’t been much left for anything else.
Do other moms feel this way?