Want a Good Laugh? My Shameless Plug to Get Pinterest Followers!

Join me in making fun of ourselves and the rest of the world!

I just joined Pinterest. I know, I’m behind the times. But actually I’ve been on Pinterest a few months now and decided to create a Pinterest board for Mommy Needs Vodka. For anyone who wants a good laugh, and can appreciate irreverent sarcasm, (and is not easily offended), you may enjoy my boards. Or not. Either way, suggestions for my current categories are most welcome!

So here are my Boards thus far:

Mommy Needs Vodka WORDS TO LIVE BYOther mommies want vodka too. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of these awesome quotes floating around.

Fugly Home Decor –   There are a TON of awesome decor ideas on Pinterest. And some god-awful decor too. Here is my irreverent take on some NOT-so-awesome, butt-ugly, and just plain “No F’ing Way” decor ideas. This is meant for a good laugh, not to poke fun at anyone.

Curiosities – Like, huh??

WTF Dumb DIY Tutorials –  This board is dedicated to all the stupid “repurposing” and DIY-Craft-Craze tutorials out there. I love me an awesome tutorial, but some make me want to say WTF? I’m generously sharing those here with you.

Vomit-Inducing Food Photos –  Some food photos that make me want to throw up in my mouth a little.

Fashion Fail  –  Some people try too hard. That’s why I prefer to go out in my pajamas most of the time.

As I add more boards, I’ll update ’em here. In the meantime, have fun, be merry, and all of that shit.