Ebay Suspends Sales of Alcohol Related “Collectible” Items

Absolute Insanity:

“Ebay Buying and selling activity temporarily suspended for select alcohol-related collectible items” (X was put there by me)

Whoa! Okay, so Ebay hasn’t allowed the sale of alcohol overtly for some time now. Honestly I don’t drink much alcohol despite my website name. But I had to laugh at today’s announcement, following the headline just mentioned above.

Here’s most of the text: “Due to recent policy violations, we are temporarily suspending all buying and selling activity for full bottles of beer and spirits listed in the Collectibles category. We expect to allow these listings again after developing and implementing additional, reasonable requirements to support seller compliance with our policies and applicable laws. We will continue to allow listings by pre-approved, licensed wine sellers.

We appreciate that the majority of sellers follow eBay policies regarding the sale of alcohol, and apologize to those who are being unduly affected by the violations of a few.”

The part that got me is this: the cause is “recent policy violations.” I just HAD to find out the true backstory on the impetus behind THIS decision. The Discussion Boards are usually my first go-to on a scoop like this but actually Google delivered for me this time. I found this nugget via a simple search:  Last Call at eBay after Teens Buy Booze in Collectibles.

Oh, even juicier: a 20/20 expose on said headline is actually what precipitated this move in the first place. I’m staying tuned! It’s not every day their headlines are watered down this much, as opposed to the actual event itself!