Funny Facebook Pages – Mommy Needs Vodka SHARES Laughter, Funniest Pages & More!

So I’ve finally gotten my Facebook  page up and running. Sure, a page existed before, but I’m actually posting to it now. Why?

Because, while I love many of the trite platitudes that come through my feed each day, like “Everything happens for a reason,” and “you will only know the value of this moment once it’s become a memory,” Mommy needs something MORE. 

And I don’t mean more political bullshit, either. Some political shit is just fine, it’s hilarious, but it’s gotten to be a little out of hand to where I just want to shut down my whole feed until after the election.

So until we’ve escaped the horrific possibility of having Sarah Palin with a dick as our new president, I want to entertain the masses. Or at least the 5 people who Like my page. Plus, I need to do SOMETHING with the hundreds of tasteless funny graphics I’ve saved to my PC over the last 3 years or so. So onto my Facebook, they will go! Along with many more. 

And if you think my page sucks, well, I’ve also Liked a lot of other pages you might think don’t suck. See, there’s something for everyone. Unless you like real motivational posters or things like this. Or this.  

Otherwise, please Like my page and laugh, live, love, or scowl, die, cry as the case may be – and feel free to send along an attachment of a fave you may want added (preferably in the 403 x 403 pixel range or less). As long as it’s in good taste. Which means it shouldn’t really be in good taste, if you know what I mean. But not too icky either. You know, no dead bodies or anything. 

Till then, bottoms up!