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Charlie Horses and the End

I recently posted this to my Facebook page, and got some good stories and remedies in the comments, so I thought I’d share my own funny story here.

This always happens for me at the least opportune moments! Last week, I was shopping with my mom and it started as I was pulling in to the parking lot at Sam’s Club. (She wanted to get me a membership there for Christmas so we planned to get that first.) 

I managed to hobble in but by the time we reached the Membership counter, my right foot completely seized up and I was standing there leaning over the cart, massaging my foot, cringing and going, “ouch, ouch, aaauugghh!” My mom was all, “can I get you a Tylenol?” as the other shoppers began to stare.  So I tried to set my foot back down, but my leg below the knee cramped up too in protest. I grabbed my leg and was hopping around bent over going “ouch, aaauugghh!” At which point my mom kind of stepped away a bit, no doubt like, “I don’t know this woman.” Took a full 10 more minutes to work out the cramp. 
And of course my new Sam’s Club ID picture shows me wincing right at the camera like a deranged jack-o-lantern.