My 22 Favorite TV Shows of the ’80s

22 Best TV Shows of the ’80s

– Do you agree?
My childhood was awesome, due in part to the TV shows that I loved as a kid and still treasure watching again as an adult and sharing with my own kids! 

Here are some of my absolute favorite shows that I watched as a kid growing up in the 80s.

1. Facts of Life

Jo was my favorite character, but I loved watching the whole gang have a blast sharing one dorm room and solving all their problems within a half hour.

2. Family Ties

I wanted Alex’s brain and Mallory’s wardrobe!

3. Growing Pains

They had the coolest parents, clothes, and adorable little brother.

4. Who’s the Boss

Ah, to be Samantha, with such a cool dad.

5. Diff’rent Strokes

Such a fun show in a fine New York penthouse.

6. Three’s Company

My parents actually let us watch this show, which was surprising since my cousins weren’t allow to see a program that involved two girls living with a guy.

7. Alice

Flo always had me in stitches.

8. The Jeffersons

Most hilarious daytime show with a great cast including George’s mother who drank Bloody Marys by the gallon.

9. Mama’s Family

All the makings of a great Southern family parody.

10. The Cosby Show

I miss this show! It’s the only family comedy I loved from this era that I haven’t been able to watch recently in syndication. Whatever Bill Cosby did, I still love Cliff Huxtable.

11. The Golden Girls

It was not only my grandma’s favorite show, it became one of mine, too.

12. Our House

Not one of the most popular of the era, but it was my favorite during the time it aired.

13. Punky Brewster

A bit over the top, but I enjoyed it anyway.

14. The Wonder Years

A show I now watch on Netflix with my own kids.

15. Kate & Allie

They all seemed so free-spirited.

16. Newhart

This was a ‘boring’ show to me at the time, but my dad watched it, and I have fond memories now of watching it with him.

Following are 80s shows I definitely watched but probably shouldn’t have because I was too young. 

That said, we didn’t live in a mansion, and there were only two TVs in the house. My parents watched these shows, and I quickly became addicted.

17. Cheers

Honestly, I actually didn’t appreciate this one until the early 2000s, when I became hooked on the re-runs. One of the best shows of the 80s era, it ran counter to the cushy family shows so popular during that time. 

18. The Dukes of Hazzard

Even as a young girl, I had a crush on Bo and Luke. I was hooked on this show.

19. Dallas

Much of this show went over my head at the time, but my dad was so addicted to it that the rest of the family watched it religiously. 

20. Falcon Crest

I’m still amazed that my parents allowed me to watch this one. It’s the first TV show I ever became addicted to, and I recall cancelling a 5th grade sleepover at a friend’s house so I could watch a particularly gripping episode (we didn’t have a VCR yet).  Who knows, maybe it’s why I’m so fascinated with wine as an adult.

21. Knot’s Landing

My mom’s favorite nighttime soap of the era, so naturally I got sucked in too.

22. The Love Boat

I know, I know…I definitely had no business watching this one, but I’d sneak it in when I could, thinking that one day I’d meet my future husband this way!
Of course, there are other shows I watched in the 80s, like Little House on the Prairie, the Brady Bunch, and Gilligan’s Island, but those were mostly re-runs. And, there were shows like Alf that were popular but just didn’t interest me. So, these are my 80s picks, folks!  
Got any to add to this list?