Offensive Politically Incorrect Vintage Ads that Would Never Fly Today

Offensive Vintage Ads

Ah, the good old days!  For my dad’s birthday a few years ago, I bought him a box of old Life Magazines and other vintage publications from a local collector.  Recently, I went through some of them and found some crazy vintage ads that would be likely be banned today!

1. Show Her It’s a Man’s World

Because a woman on her knees serving her man is a man’s world.

2. Wholesome Soda

Get ’em hooked on sugar and soda at a young age.

3. No Shape For a Girl

Because nothing’s more comfy than a tight girdle.

4. Good in Cellophane

5. If Your Husband Ever Finds Out…

Because if his coffee isn’t fresh, domestic violence could be the result.

6. Gals are Useful After All

Who would’ve thought it?

7. Accidental discharge “impossible”

What could possibly go wrong?

8. Innocence


9. Just like Dad!

I remember these.

10. That’s What Wives are For!

11. If Men hate the sight of you….gain weight

Because we all want to gain weight by eating lard, right? 

12. Golly, Miss Maria

This one speaks for itself.

13. Women are gentle but they hit things

We just can’t help it!

14. Most Flavorful

Did they not see the Freudian slip here?

15. You mean a woman can open it?

16. It’s Toasted

Who can forget the Mad Men campaign? Here’s one way to lose weight.

17. Is it always illegal?

Yep, probably.
What do you all think? I’m sure there are crazier ones out there than these, but I think anyone who submitted these today would probably be fired.