Facebook, Providr, and Page Block

Wanted to update you all on the situation with my Facebook page, which has been on a Permanent Page/Link block since June 4. Facebook did this because I posted some Providr articles for 8 weeks in the spring. I was duped by that company who falsely convinced me that their practices were 100% compliant with Facebook, and that I’d be paid for it. They recruited me (and tons of other pages) by sending emails listing celebrity & big brand pages who were posting with them.
The result of that fiasco for me is: 1) The newsfeed link ban means I can’t post things like videos, articles written in the media about my page, nor even my OWN blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and have it go to newsfeed (memes & text posts like this still will). Also: 2) Providr didn’t pay us! The company is now dead, and all the recruiters, CEO, etc, have re-branded themselves doing the same thing at Social Pulse Marketing Inc.. Oh, and the celebrity and big brand pages doing exactly what I was? They weren’t punished.
Was I stupid to fall for it? Yes. Do I think I deserve a permanent page block though? No. Honestly, a 30 day link ban would have taught me the same lesson.
So I tried reaching out to Facebook through the media, asking for a second chance (most pages got warned with a temp ban, and I’d never had one before), to no avail. In fact, after an article about this situation ran last Tuesday (see comments if you want to read it), Facebook disabled all of the authentic admin accounts on my page, except one! Two of the 3 are now back after my mom and friend sent in their driver’s licensees to prove themselves, but I considered to stop running this page, as I don’t want to risk my loved ones’ Facebook accounts just for being admins on my page.
However, they were really supportive, and said they’re fine with leaving Facebook altogether if my page or their accounts are taken, and I feel the same. So, I’m going to return to posting as usual on here AND on Mommy Needs Vodka 2.0 until or unless Facebook unpublishes it.
I’m mentioning this now, because tomorrow there’s ANOTHER article about my page coming out by a highly respected journalist, and it’s not very flattering to Facebook. And I’m worried that their reaction this time may be to either Disable all the accounts from my page, or to Unpublish it, citing some obscure reason like “she had a policy violation.” Hopefully they’ll NOT do that, but if so, I’ll still run Mommy Needs Vodka 2.0 as long as I’m able.
TL;DR – An article is coming out tomorrow about my page and it might upset Facebook, so if this page or my account is ever taken down again, I’ve loved laughing with you all every day! ? If they leave me alone, I’ll continue posting your daily laughs as usual. Thanks so much for all your support!