Mom’s Doll in the Hall is October’s Elf on the Shelf

Doll In the Hall: October’s Elf on the Shelf for This Mom

Natasha Hudarovich – Doll in the Hall

Every year, we famously post our Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf photos in December. There’s just something creepy behind that sweet elf face, but we present the elf to our kids in a tame, sweet way to go along with the magic of Christmas. When I was a kid, we had Santa, and that was it. I can’t even fathom my mom moving around an elf each day for us to find it.
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So, when Doll in the Hall came across my newsfeed, I knew we had a spirit mom (no pun intended)!


I asked Natasha Hudarovich how she came up with this brilliant idea. “I collected porcelain dolls when I was a kid. My 7-year-old collects “creepy dolls” because she loves scary things. When this one creeped her out a little too much, she tried to get rid of it, and I saw the perfect opportunity to prank her.”

Doll in the Hall

However, she says, “They’re not creeped out, not at all. It would take a lot to really spook them; they love scary things. With the doll, they’ve been presented with a mystery and they want to solve it. Why is she here? Where did she come from? How can we make her leave? They don’t feel threatened by her, but they’re definitely entertained and like waking up to see where she’s hiding next.

Doll in the Hall

“When they asked me to burn sage, I died! They’re special kids. I think they YouTubed instructions on how to remove evil spirits from a doll. They’re incredibly bright, and very fascinated by oddities and spooky things. Halloween is our Christmas! It’s been magical watching the gears turn inside their little head to solve The Mystery of the Doll in the Hall.”

Doll in the Hall

So, are the kids actually scared?

No,” she says. “If they were scared, I would stop. I wouldn’t ever want them to feel unsafe in our home. My grandma has an elf on her shelf. The kids named him Rudy. Honestly, the elf creeps me out more than the doll.” Yeah….I think many of us can relate to that
She even hangs out and drinks with the doll when the two aren’t in cahoots trying to prank the kids: “When the kids go with their dad, she hangs out and drinks Moscato with me. She’s a good listener.”