15 Things You Just Can’t Do When You Have Annoyingly Large Boobs

Any lady with a large chest knows that it’s both a blessing and a curse (mostly a curse). While having big boobs seems beneficial, like for turning your husband on, it’s also a real pain in the rear end. Doing simple things seem to take extra effort and thought to ensure that you’re not looking too sloppy, looking too saggy, or you know—looking too slutty.

All my ladies with C-DDD+, let me hear it one time.

1. Buy cute bras for reasonable prices.

2. Find super cute bikinis that come in your size for both the top and the bottom.

3. Run. At all. Anytime. Anywhere. Ever.

4. Go braless without looking like you have to sacks of potatoes on your chest.

5. Make it through the summer without the dreaded boob sweat monster moving in.

6. Wear lowcut shirts without looking a bit too revealing and a bit too “escort-ish.”

7. Wear anything strapless without pulling it up 45 times a day. Or having a mishap.

8. Fit all of your bras in one drawer, easily.

9. Go an entire day without that dreaded back pain. Or imprints from your bra. Someone bring the icepack.

10. Wear those tank tops with built-in bras. Ya. Ok.

11. Ride roller coasters with your kids—it’s just a porn video and disturbing.

12. Wear shirts with words across the chest. You try reading it…all around. Thank u, next.

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13. Make it down the stairs without 100 strangers staring at you.

14. Order dresses and blouses online without trying them on because, you know, just in case you can’t get even one titty into it.

15. Easily wear button-up shirts/flannels without eventually popping off a button at the worst possible time (like parent-teacher conferences at your son’s school).