Husband Texts Wife After Spending $800 From Their Vacation Fund On His Student And Her Response Is Touching

Husbands and wives often times fight about money in their marriage. On one hand, the wife wants to spend their money on one thing, and the husband—often times—disagrees and wants to spend the money on something else. One husband recently texted his wife that he took money out of their vacation fund—for a very special reason.

The husband, named James, happens to be a teacher. He texted his wife to let her know that he took $800 out of their vacation fund to help one of his students after seeing that in the cold weather, he did not have a jacket or boots—and, every day, he has come without these items. James decided to use his money to change this student’s life, and, ended up making a bigger impact than he could have ever thought.

As some wives may have been angry that their vacation would be cut short—James’ wife was not only happy and touched, but moved enough to invite them over for Christmas.

People online were very touched by James’ decision, and his wife’s response.