17 Things You Definitely Do If You’re Been With Your Partner For 5+ Years

Long-term love is something that is wonderfully beautiful. Sure, there are its ups and downs, but knowing someone loves us enough to spend all these years by our side truly makes it special. However, the more you’re with someone, the weirder things can truly get. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

When we’re with our boyfriend/fiancé/husband for 5+ years, we stop trying so hard to impress them and let our freak flag fly. We poop with the door open, we fart in bed, we even let them see us hungover before we’ve showered. It’s a special kind of love.

1. Fart in front of them. Sometimes even waft it in their direction so they can smell it even more.

2. Pee and poop with the door open because who needs boundaries and walls when you’re in love?!?

3. Pop pimples and blackheads on their back, their neck, their face, their arms. Any bump is your victim and you will get it.

4. Share forks, spoons, chop-sticks, anything. You don’t care where it’s been, give me the ice cream.

5. Shave the hard-to-reach places for them like their neck and back. And, cut their hair when they need.

6. Talk about your period/menstrual cycle openly, like how heavy your flow is this month and that you need extra large tampons.

7. Walk around in giant sweatpants and absolutely no makeup because they love you without all the glam.

8. Send really ugly selfies with hilarious faces.

9. Clean each other’s hair out of the shower drain without getting super grossed out.


10. Share a towel with them because who cares, you’re clean, right?

11. Clean up each other’s puke/vomit when you’re sick or hungover.

12. Kiss each other in the morning before brushing your teeth even though you both have the dragon.

13. Have conversations about things that you need to do immediately after sex (or even during).

14. Put your smelly, disgusting feet on each other after a super long day.

15. Have sex even though neither one of you has showered in days.

16. Leave the toilet filled when you go in the middle of the night so you won’t wake each other.

17. Share soap that has been in your butt, because it’s self-washing!