Mom Creates Hilarious Cartoons About Parenting With A Feline Twist

As any mom knows, you don’t truly know what it’s like to be a parent until you have children of your own. Once you do, you experience some universal, yet also unique, situations that only parents can go through. And, what better way to celebrate the art of parenting than by making actual art?

Francesca Hause, the talented and brilliant mother behind, creates hilarious comic strips about being a mother to her children with a fun, feline twist. Hause said that she got the idea for a funny, parent-themed comic strip when her kids were watching Daniel Tiger, and, thought of how funny it would be to have a show with a family who wasn’t perfect all of the time.

Her own children do inspire her comics, as she says her first child was spirited from the jump and each of her children brought their own, unique presence into her life and in turn, into her comics. Sometimes, Haus says she’ll even write things that happen in her own life with her own children into her phone’s notepad for inspiration later on.

But, Haus says parenting isn’t always all bad. All moms have their favorite part of being a mom—and, for Haus, it’s giving her kids new understandings and knowledge of the world. She said:

It might sound weird, but I get a real kick out of explaining things. Not the everyday stuff so much, but those big questions kids occasionally throw at you about how the world works. I love going into “Star Trek mode” and figuring out how to break down a complicated idea into something they can grasp. Filling those little creatures up with knowledge and seeing what they do with it is the best thing ever! Hopefully it won’t come back and bite me in the ass when my first born becomes a super villain.

You can see more of Francesca’s hilarious comics about her kids and parenting here: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.