25 Moms Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Been ‘Mom-Shamed’ For

For some reason, moms love to judge the crap out of other moms more than anyone else in the world. You’d think that the shared experience of childbirth and/or raising children would unite us all to truly seeing the benefit of the doubt in everyone. But, instead, we come off as petty, judgmental, and straight up mean.

There are tons of things that sometimes warrant a comment—like if a mother is putting her child’s life in absolute danger. But to judge another mother because you disagree with the way they want to parent their child. It’s truly disheartening to see the amount of hate between women when we should be supporting one another. To prove to you that moms love to “shame” other moms for literally the dumbest sh*t—just listen to these moms tell their tales.


My sister and I got dirty looks while buying wine and a “well I’ve never!” from an older woman. Before my quick-temper set off my sis told the woman: don’t worry, she’s driving, pointing down to her two year old girl, and went back to shopping and I lost it!



I had a man, of course, ask me if I should be drinking that as I poured myself a cup of coffee as I walked into work. I said ” when you are eight months pregnant, had two hours of asleep because of a sick toddler, and have been up since 4:30 am, please feel free to call me and offer your opinion otherwise mind your own business”



My sweet little two-year old boy came home from daycare with a temporary tattoo of Skye (the pink helicopter flying girl puppy from Paw Patrol) on his forearm. Me and his dad are stoked because he loves helicopters and Paw Patrol – but my son is even more stoked on it than us.

I was grocery shopping with him in the wagon a day or two later, when an old woman saw the tattoo and said that he shouldn’t have a pink and girly tattoo on him because he was a boy.

Cue enraged mom who doesn’t give a flying fart about colors, but because I’m a teacher in the area and am very cautious about how people perceive my public actions, I just said “thanks for your opinion,” and walked away.

He also has a purple toothbrush because he picked it. He says his favorite color is yellow, but only wants to eat with a red fork. Kids are not defined by colors – they like what they like. And plus, Skye is a cool little pup.



I was told that because I let my daughter shave the side of her head, I was encouraging her to become a lesbian. Because the two are related right? For reference she was only 7 at the time.



My daughter was in a “boys” footsie pajama at 4 (four!!) months old (blue with white stripes and a bulldog on it, a gift before we knew the gender) and I had to quickly run grocery shopping while she was asleep and not fussy. An older woman asked what -his- name was. I didn’t correct, but I just said “Haley” and the woman said, “well if it’s (it, this woman said. Not her, it) is a girl, why is it in boys clothes?” And walked away fiercely.



The lactation specialist at the hospital. Gave up on nursing because he wasn’t latching which gave my nipples huge hickies, and was super out of it from pain killers after a c-section. When I told her I was going to try pumping once my milk came and I was off the narcs she informed me, “well it takes just as much work to pump as latching on to the breast and you clearly don’t have the patience”. Went to formula and never looked back.



I was a post doc (PhD scientist) working in a lab when I had my first kid. The first week back after maternity leave was awful (missed my kid, didn’t feel 100 percent after a rough c section). The third day back, my boss brings me in his office for a chat and says I need to learn how to be productive and be a mom and learn how to balance my life and work. Literally I had been back for 3 days!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I decided my work life balance required me to find a new job with a more understanding boss



When I was pregnant I went to Target pharmacy for a flu shot and as I was leaving some lady hissed at me “I hope your baby doesn’t get autism.”



I got mom shamed for walking my son to the bus stop in little mermaid pajama pants. The bus stop was four steps from my front door. The mom that said something to me said “you could at least put on yoga pants.”



I used to get dirty looks and snide remarks from people who said my daughter was way too old to still be in diapers because of her size. She was 18 months old or less, she just happened to have been a VERY tall baby/toddler.