20 Hilarious Photos That Prove Pregnancy Brain Truly Gets Us All

All mothers and soon-to-be mothers know that pregnancy brain is a real thing and it’s something that is after us throughout all nine months of our pre-motherhood phase in life. From forgetting certain things to being a bit clumsy, pregnancy brain leaves us saying “oops” to 99.9% of things throughout our trimesters.

All in all, pregnancy is truly a wonderful experience and something to cherish, and many times we look back on the days where we could say: “Hey, f**k off, I’m eating for two!!” But, we don’t miss those days of forgetting to put on underwear, mismatching our socks, and honestly just being confused about everything. Any mommy who has had that damn BP will understand the pain and hilarity behind these photos.

1. This woman who accidentally thought the TV tray was a drawer to put her reading glasses.

2. This woman who accidentally wore two completely different shoes out of the house.

3. This woman who tried using painters tape as toilet paper. OUCH.

4. This woman who accidentally packed her soon-to-be baby’s socks for the gym…oops.

5. This woman who put her baby’s shoes in the freezer.

7. This woman who tried using her deodorant as toothpaste.

8. This woman who forgot the entire carton of ice cream in the trunk.

9. This woman who put the milk in the cabinet.

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10. This woman who mixed up how to make her eggs this morning.

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11. This woman who actually tried unlocking the bathroom stall with her car key.

12. This woman who forgot to put water in her son’s easy mac and…well…oops.

13. This mom who forgot her car keys in the fridge.

14. And, this woman who put the scissors in the fridge.

15. This woman who put her wallet in the freezer.

16.This woman who literally forgot to put a mug for her coffee.

17. This woman who flooded out the kitchen sink.

18. This woman who totally put her money in the breakfast sandwich station for no reason at all.

19. This woman who flavored her water with some cream.

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20. This woman who poured herself a nice glass of…ketchup.