22 Sexting Horror Stories That Are Painfully Hilarious

In today’s day and age, dirty talk has no longer been kept inside the bedroom and as migrated its way onto the tiny screens on our cell phones. With our busy schedules and more time spent apart, many of us know the only way to keep that “spice alive” in the bedroom is to keep our partner wanting more, even if it’s through text messages.

But, sexting doesn’t always truly go as planned. Sometimes, we send the text to the wrong person. Other times, we make a typo and it changes the entire meaning of the sext itself. We’ve all been there—but, hopefully not as bad as these folks.


I once sent a snapchat of myself pursing my lips seductively with the caption “dick sucking lips” to my dad instead of the guy I was talking to. He opened it, did not respond, and never mentioned it. I am scarred for life.

Ellie Withers


My husband had been working abroad, and was on his way home. I sent him a message detailing just how much I missed him and what I was going to do to him when he got back.
Unfortunately I actually sent the message to his mother, who I had just written to to let her know husband would be back that night.

My life flashed before my eyes when I saw the two blue ticks and ‘typing’.



my dad set up icloud when i was sexting a boy. all of our texts went to my dad, and the boy wouldn’t stop messaging, so my dads phone was buzzing constantly with sexts intended for his daughter. lmao.



I was sexting a guy I really liked and tried to be very sexy but it was ruined when my phone autocorrected my message to ‘I really want to lick your cocker spaniel’

He didn’t reply.



I was snap chatting some racy photos to my beau, when I accidentally added it to my story! It was a good 20 minutes before I noticed. Everyone- my cousins in New York, friends I’d met on a vacay, and all my classmates- saw it! SO HUMILIATING.



When my husband and I were first seeing each other I still lived with my parents. One morning he tried to sext me on his way to work and accidentally sent it to my parents land line. My father answered the phone at 6:30 am where a robotic voice told him, “You’ve been a bad girl! Go to my room for much punishment and fun!” My dad thought it was hilarious. I was mortified.



Texted my now husband, on a packed train a very blunt, to the point message that read “I wanna fuck you so badly” – went to his mum! She messaged me back saying “excuse me?” I had to call and apologised perfusly whilst dying of morification on the train!



On speaker phone with my long distance boyfriend, sending pics back and forth via facebook messenger, while discussing my work situation with this girl I knew from school. So I take a pic of my downstairs, and my bf’s like “no, I didnt get anything” and I’m like “well I just sent it” and then I realized. My worst nightmare had come true. I sent a very personal picture of myself to this girl, literally screamed on the phone and freaked out, not knowing if I could retract the photo, or block her and have it all deleted, etc etc. Eventually, I messaged her and said “omg. I am so sorry” and she was super cool about and said she would never speak of it again but I am honestly mortified and hope I never, ever, run into her.



One time my boyfriend meant to type “wet pussy”, but ended up typing “wet party”. We haven’t sexted since.



me and my boyfriend were at school the other day and we were using computers with our school provided emails….he sexted me on it it was nothing to bad just some naughty words…that went on for a while….the next day we both got called down to the office and it turns out that the school can read your emails and they read them….a copy was given to the principle and he had to talk to us…luckily we got out of reading them to our parents but that was so humiliating