14 Thoughts Every Mom Has When She Finally Gets A Night Away From The Kids

When it comes to being a mom, going out without your hubby and the kids can be far and few between. After having a baby, it seems that your “personal life” flies out the window—you can’t even remember the last time you got dolled up to go out. And, when you do go out, it’s with other couples (your in-laws, blech), or your kids are tagging along. How can momma get her drink on with a 4-year-old dragging on my hip? No thanks.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been faced with the moment when we finally get a night away from the kids and we realize…we have no idea what to wear, where to go, or how to even act without our kids. We’re moms first and foremost, and we forget who we were before popping a tiny human out of our bodies.

1. Do I even have “going out clothes” that fit me?

2. What do people even wear nowadays? What’s “in?”

3. *Grabs shirt* Nope, this has breastmilk stains on it.

4. *Grabs jeans* Nope, these haven’t fit since before my oldest.

5. Is this makeup even good anymore? Does makeup have an expiration date?

6. *Screaming* HONEY, WHERE IS MY WALLET?!?

7. Do I even have another bag to bring? Can I bring my diaper bag to the bar?

8. Wow, I wonder what it will be like to not have to share my dinner with my kids.

9. I can finally get a steak instead of chicken fingers!

10. OMG, what will my husband do when he has to get the kids ready for bed?


12. I need to make sure my phone is charged, just in case there’s an emergency.

13. Why is there a pacifier in my boot?

14. Oh my god. This is my life now.