Every Over-Tired Mom Will Love This ‘Thriller’ Parody Video About Life With Toddlers

Being a mom is nowhere near easy. When your children are babies, we’re mostly trying to keep up with sleeping and feedings to keep them healthy. But, once they become toddlers, things don’t get easier—not at all. Now that our kids can walk and talk, they make life for us twice as hard (and we get twice as little sleep). Recently, mothers out there are sporting the term “mombie” to describe themselves—a mom and a zombie. But, one mom takes it one step further with a hilarious parody video.

Machel Green has been the wonder woman behind hilarious videos like the viral “Baby One More Time” pregnancy announcement. The video has 1.7 million views on YouTube.

But, in the spirit of fall, Halloween, and the holidays upon us, Green is back with some more hilarity in the form of parenting with her Michael Jackson Thriller parody. The video is a hilarious and honest play on the hit music video for Jackson’s viral sensation—with its very own, original lyrics of course.

You wanna scream!
Your cleaning pee and poop instead of sleeping.
Now wash the sheets
And you really cannot believe the time
You’re out of your mind!

‘Cuz this is toddler! Toddler nights
The beast is running from you while you’re chasing it with wipes.

The video features a neighborhood of “mombies” out in the middle of the night, doing some signature Michael Jackson dance moves, too.

People online have become obsessed with the video, with over 700,000 people viewing it already. Moms everywhere are leaving comments on the video, shouting out how truly relatable it is. So, can you relate? How many of you are mombies?