Vet Tech Issues An Important Statement About The Final Moments Before A Pet Gets ‘Put Down’

If you happen to be someone who has a pet, you know that your animals become part of your family after having them around for so long. Whatever animal it may be, they become your other “child” and a member of your household. So, saying goodbye is definitely tough. Whether it’s because of illness, old age, or any other circumstances—some pets have to be put down.

Sometimes, pet owners decide they don’t want to be in the room when their pet is being “put down.” They believe it is too difficult to see the pet leave the world. But, one vet tech has issued a statement to all pet owners as to why leaving your pet alone when being put down is wrong and horrible.


Many people on Facebook agreed, saying they could never leave their pets.

Others said it was wrong to make owners feel guilty for not having the heart to be there.