Wounded War Vet Has The Perfect Response To Woman Who Asks How To Deal With ‘Not Being Pretty’

In life, with all of social media and celebrity marketing constantly in our faces, some women feel down on themselves and the way they look. It’s hard to always feel good about ourselves when everyone else is constantly editing their pictures to appear flawless—and, in our overly-tired states of scrolling we buy into the “real selfies.”

One woman asked the other women of Reddit to give her some advice about “how to deal with not being pretty.” She expressed that she feels as though she’ll never be a “9” or “10.” Additionally, she claimed she feels as though her looks overtake everything in her life—she blames everything on “being ugly.”

While dozens of women answered with helpful answers and positive advice, one war veteran stood out amongst the masses. He claimed that he knows what it’s like to “dislike” your body—citing his scars from serving time in Iraq. He also claims that he feels as though he’ll never be as physically capable as he once was.

But, he explains in great detail how it truly feels to fall in love with a woman—and, how every aspect of that woman is beautiful, no matter what she believes.

Men on Reddit immediately responded to this vet saying that he perfectly summed up the way they feel about their girlfriends/fiancés/wives. And, they couldn’t have put it into better words themselves. So, ladies, if you happen to ever been down on yourself about the way you look—remember, there is someone out there who will love every single curve of your body, every freckle on your face, every hair on your head. Keep smiling.