Wedding Planner Calls Out Bridezilla Online After She Tried Leaving A Bad Review For Her Company

Many companies and services have websites and opportunities for customers and clients to leave reviews for them so that they can possibly get new clientele from the “positive” feedback. While leaving opportunities for feedback and reviews can be a beneficial option, it can backfire when people decide to leave pretty harsh and negative reviews for companies—if they were angry or unhappy with the way the company handled certain things.

And, while leaving negative reviews for companies feels somewhat therapeutic to vent all of your frustration—it can bite you in the ass when the company writes back. One bride learned the hard way that leaving negative reviews can be a huge wakeup call.

The bride left a review on LB Events & Promotions’ Facebook page saying that they “suck and are so rude.” She added that the planner “rushed the bouquet toss” and they were “stressful.” She told users online to “choose someone else.”

I’m sure the bride did not expct to hear a full-on roast in her direction from the company and planners who helped her out with her wedding. In fact, I can almost guarantee that she feels awful after reading through this well thought-out and well-written response from the company.

WOO. That was a trip. In all honesty, the bride deserved what she got—if she was as bad as the planner and company claim she is. We love when people get what they truly deserve. Yes. Yes. Yes.