Woman Finds Boyfriend’s Hidden Engagement Ring And Publicly Rips It Apart Online

Most women dream of their “picture perfect” engagement, marriage, and wedding. For many of us, this includes aimlessly scrolling on Pinterest and bookmarking rings that are way out of our husband’s budget—but, hey, a girl can dream…right? In all reality, these rings and outlandish plans are only that—dreams. When it comes down to spending the rest of our lives with someone we love, many of us would take just about anything because we love them.

Except, of course, you’re an ungrateful snob like this woman who recently went viral on Reddit and Facebook for being…well…a seriously ungrateful b**ch. The story goes that there happens to be an entire page on Facebook somewhere just dedicated to shaming other women’s rings. Honestly, who has the goddamn time to do this? Not I.

The woman proceeded to reveal that she found the ring in her boyfriend’s nightstand, which means it may have been a surprise for her. She proceeded to complain and ask people online to “roast” the ring and then asked for advice on how to tactfully say “no you need to go get something different.”

Many Reddit users began saying that not only is this woman selfish and horrible, but they hope the boyfriend dumps her completely. Truly, who wants to be in a relationship with someone who is this shallow?

People in the Facebook group also began to roast the woman for how awful she was being.

Honestly, this woman deserves all this backlash. Someone loved you enough to go out of their way to buy you something that looks expensive and is thoughtful. If you don’t love it, there are ways to go about that. But, to post it on a Facebook page and ask strangers to “roast it” because you think it’s that bad? Grow up.

You shouldn’t be married with an attitude like that anyway.