Women Brilliantly Roast This Guy Who Claims All Men Should ‘Stay Away From Women With Dyed Hair’

For many women, dying our hair is a way to express ourselves. Some of us are hiding our greys, some of us like to change it up, and a lot of us just wish we were born with a completely different hair color. For centuries, women have dyed their hair. But, today, women everywhere have become more experimental with fun, festive, and bright hair colorsโ€”and, they’re unique and gorgeous. I love seeing a woman who’s not afraid to rock bold colors, like bright reds or even purples.

Recently, one “writer” on Twitter went viral for his sexist, closed-minded, and rude opinion on “women with unnatural hair colors.” Alexander J.A Cortes claimed that women who have unnatural hair colors are “warning men to stay away.”

Instead of saying rude things, pointing out how misogynistic he is, or howย closed-minded and annoying he isโ€”woman responded to Cortes in the most passive-aggressive, brilliant way possible.

If you ask meโ€”all of these women areย stunningย and beautiful. They rock these colors so much harder than I ever could and I hope they know that (they clearly do). And, to men who think they can stand on their high horses and take women down, saying they are “crazy” for having the guts to rock such gorgeous colors, we say…