109-Year-Old Woman Says The Secret To Living A Long Life Is Completely Avoiding Men

Everyone wants to know what it takes to maintain good health and live as long as possible. While we all look for answers, it’s pretty hard to imagine making it to 90, let alone 100-years-old. But, there are people in the world who do make it to the big 100 birthday—and, even those who make it further.

Jesse Gallan, a 109-year-old Scottish woman, clearly knows what she’s doing to make it to her 109th birthday. Although she passed away in March 2015, she shared some words of wisdom before she died. Of course, everyone wants to know how she got to such a monumental age in her life.. While you may think she’d talk about diet and exercise, Gallan had a better answer as to how she got so far in her life.

Gallan was born 1906 in Kintore, Scotland. She had five sisters and one brother, and they lived in a small cottage—sleeping together on a mattress stuffed with straw. She worked in the farm kitchen before she ended up working as a housemaid for a wealthy businessman. She lived a long, eventful and successful life.

But, the secret to reaching 109-years-old?

“My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

Amazing. What an inspiration.