Baby Boomer Gets Roasted After Posting A Room For Rent With Absolutely Ridiculous Rules

With the Internet and social media, renting out a room or an apartment has become super easy—even for baby boomers who don’t really understand the Internet 100%. Margolyn Cardell decided to use Facebook Marketplace to post her room for rent in Egg Harbor. At a steal, the room only costs  $75 a week, with a private bathroom.

But, the steal is not really a steal, because the rules of the house are a bit wild. There’s no smoking, no guests overnight, no kitchen privileges (or laundry during the week). No parties allowed, no drinking at all, and, no loud noises after 9 P.M. So—no freedom.

While the post itself was pretty insane, what Facebook users were really laughing about were the comments from the OP. Talk about attitude!

She was even dragging some users—telling them to buy a tent.

She even called strangers “drunks.”

And, told someone that prison is great—it’s free and everyone gets pajamas!

So…it went downhill from there.

Clearly, Margolyn probably didn’t rent out that room.