Popular Instagram Artist Who Shares His Everyday Life With His Wife Announces They’re Pregnant With 8 Hilarious Comics

Every couple has their own, unique way of announcing they’re pregnant. For popular Instagram artist Yehuda Adi Devir is no stranger to sharing his intimate relationship details in his artwork and posting them online for the world to see, so, sharing the good news through illustrations was going to be no different.

He posted a few leading up to the big reveal…

“I think she’s ready”

“Ovulation Operation”

“That Art of Seduction”

“The Period”

“No Pain No Gain”

“Baby Potion”

“Human mattress”

“We’re pregnant!!!!”

The pair couldn’t be more excited to share their journey.


Yehuda told Bored Panda:

“We had been trying to conceive for about a year. While doing so, we’ve realized that a family of our own is the biggest creation we can hope for.”

“The hardest parts were at the end of each month when Maya used to have her period,” he added. “Continuously dealing with lack of success makes you feel as if you aren’t in control of your life. It’s a terrible feeling.”

“However, we’ve been together for such a long time that our friendship and love seem so strong, it feels like we can achieve everything if we work together. Challenges make us stronger.”

I think every couple out there trying to conceive can relate to this in some way. But, those who follow the talented artist were very excited to hear the great news.

You can follow Yehuda and his wife’s journey on his Instagram.