Doctor Puts Up Sign Explaining Why He Will No Longer Treat Unvaccinated Children

The current debate surrounding vaccinations has been a heated one among parents. Some parents choose to vaccinate their kids, adhering to doctors and science’s beliefs, while others believe that vaccinating their children can cause problems. And, while parents have the right to decide whether or not they choose to vaccinate their children, a doctor also has the right to refuse treatment to unvaccinated children. As many know, not vaccinating your children can leave them open and vulnerable to a plethora of diseases and illnesses—including illnesses that can be prevented by vaccinations.

A recent sign from a doctor’s office has gone viral online due to its message to parents who do not wish to vaccinate their children.

Many people agreed with this doctor’s decision to put this up. As many people know, having unvaccinated children in the waiting room with your newborn or infant can lead to many problematic occurrences.

What do you think of this doctor’s policy?