Hilarious Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa To Order Himself Snacks

We all know about kids doing the darndest things, but what about our pets? Sure, our dogs and cats do hilarious things—but, what about parrots? Those little birdies can talk. One African Grey parrot named Rocco has made headlines because hilariously, he spoke to his owner’s Amazon Alexa and ordered himself snacks—without his owner knowing!

Rocco’s owner, Marion Wischnewski, told The Sun, that it wasn’t the first time Rocco snuck around to speak to Alexa. Marion says Rocco goes on “shopping sprees” all the time for snacks.

“Rocco and Alexa chat away to each other all day. Then I have to check the shopping list and cancel all the items he’s ordered.”

In the past, Rocco has ordered strawberries, watermelon, raisins, broccoli and ice cream. Imagine! How talented is this bird! But, apparently, other parrots have a habit of figuring out how to use Alexa to order their own things, or even just talk and play music.

Like Bibi who ordered a butt-ton of strawberries on Amazon.

And another parrot turning the Alexa on.

So amazing!