Kotex Tampons Issue A Recall After Reports Of Tampons ‘Unraveling’ Inside Women’s Bodies

Kimberly-Clark, the parent company of Kotex, has issued a recall of some of their tampons after consumers have reported that the products broke apart inside of their bodies. On Tuesday, the company issued a press release saying that all retailers in the U.S. and Canada should refrain from selling U by Kotex Sleek tampons, regular absorbency.

The press release also stated:

Kimberly-Clark has received reports from consumers of the U by Kotex® Sleek® Tampons, Regular Absorbency, unraveling and/or coming apart upon removal, and in some cases causing users to seek medical attention to remove tampon pieces left in the body. There also have been a small number of reports of infections, vaginal irritation, localized vaginal injury, and other symptoms.

The company urges any customers who have any of these symptoms to seek medical attention immediately to ensure they are okay.

The press release includes the serial numbers of all tampon boxes that should be pulled from shelves or thrown away in the home.

If you or a loved one uses this brand of tampons, let them know!