Lawyer Adds Up All Of Kevin McAllister’s Crimes In ‘Home Alone 2’ And What His Real Prison Sentence Would Be

As many people know, the Home Alone movies are about a young boy who gets left “home alone,” not once but twice by his parents. While he’s home alone, he needs to protect himself from two really bad men. In the first movie, he tries to protect his house from the robbers. In the second movie, he needs to protect himself from them while in NYC.

While the first movie takes place in Kevin’s home—there’s not much that he’s done that can warrant him some jail time (there probably are small aspects). But, in the second film, Kevin does a lot of damage—so much so, that a lawyer online decided to live-tweet all of Kevin’s crimes and what he would be charged with.

Kevin’s parents would also be charged.

And, obviously, the bandits would rack up some charges, too.

So, to tally it all up:

The bandits get 30-life behind bars.

And, as for Kevin…