Manager Disgustingly Blasts Mother Who Called Out Of Work Because Her Son Was On Life Support

Whenever your child is in need, a mother knows that there is nowhere else they need to be than by their child’s side—especially when it comes to their health. But, what are you to do when your job is on the line? One mother went through a truly horrifying experience when she tried calling out of work because her son was on life support in the hospital.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher, from Michigan, had texted her manager, Dawn, to call out of work after her 18-year-old son was placed on life support with a fever of 104. Like any mother, Crystal wanted to stay with her son to make sure she could speak to doctors as they tried to figure out what was going on with him.


But, when she texted her manager, she received a disgusting response. Instead of understanding that she had a duty as a mother, the manager told her she should resign immediately.


Not only did the manager tell her to quit, but she also referred to the situation with Crystal’s son as “drama” and it would not be tolerated. She gave no time to discuss a way to work with Crystal and instead said this was the end of the conversation.


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She continued to shame Crystal for trying to put her son before anything else, as his life was on the line.


Outraged by the situation, Crystal shared the text messages on Facebook, hoping to receive some justice.

Posted by Crystal Reynolds Fisher on Saturday, June 30, 2018

Luckily, the parent company of the store Crystal works at saw the posts and promptly investigated and they fired the manager. Additionally, they told Crystal she can take the time off that she needs, as long as she needs, to care for her son.

Thank God!