Matt Damon’s ‘Best Christmas Ever’ SNL Skit Will Resonate With Anyone Who Has Children

Any parent knows that Christmas can be a troubling time. While it’s the “most wonderful time of the year” for some, for parents, it’s a real sh*t show if we don’t show up and put up every single thing our kids ask for and then some. Not only are we running around cooking and cleaning, but we’re also shopping, decorating, and up at the crack of dawn for our kids to rip open over-priced wrapping paper, and then leave it all over our living room floor.

Christmas is wonderful, sure, and people love to say that their holiday is the “best ever,” but, in reality, the prepping and planning, and actual living through it can be hell on Earth.

Recently, Matt Damon appeared on Saturday Night Live and took part in a hilarious skit that summarized how Christmas truly is for parents everywhere—and, if you have kids, this will hit home. Kids are up at 5 a.m. jumping on your bed to open gifts, you’re sitting there while they fight over overpriced toys before you even have your coffee, and your relatives are boring and exchange meaningless nothings. Yeah, it’s everyone’s Christmas. 

We couldn’t love this more!