Mom Aggressively Cancels Baby Shower After Friends And Family Make Fun Of Her Son’s Name

When choosing a baby name for a son or daughter, many parents like to be unique and different. No matter what is “in” or “trendy,” there are some who want to dance to the beat of their own name-drum—like people who name their children after fruit…like, Apple.

But, one woman couldn’t handle all of the flack she was getting from friends and family for the name she had chosen for her son—and, therefore, cancelled her entire baby shower. In a strongly-worded and pretty damn aggressive Facebook post, the mother called out all of her friends and family for “sh*tting” on her “unborn child” for the name she has chosen—Squire Sebastion Senator.

The mom went on to say that no one can “force” her to change the name of her son, he would not be allowed to have any “nicknames,” and, should be allowed to live his glorious life using his full name without any problems.

Obviously, this woman is on one. Not only did she just prevent herself from getting free baby neccesities—let’s face it, having a baby is expensive—but, she totally just let the haters win. By cancelling the entire shower, she showed everyone that she is giving into their gossip and hate about her future son’s name.

People on Reddit basically said that the name was stupid, and, she deserved it.

No one’s talking shit about your unborn baby. They’re talking shit about your poor naming choices.


This could be the first ever child to run away from home before he’s born.


I’ll say the same thing I tell any friend who gets pregnant: before you settle on a name, imagine growing up with it yourself.


Oh poor woman…it isn’t your child being judged…It’s you.


It didn’t sound all that crazy until the paragraph about how “Squire Sebastian Senator” is just his first name and demanding that people use it in full when calling him. What a lunatic…


Well, regardless of what this woman names her son, she is a fool for losing out on free gifts.