Mom Bravely Uninvited Unvaccinated Children To Her Daughter’s Birthday Party

Today, the antivaccination conversation, many parents are annoyed with those who decide to not vaccinate their children. Why? Well, it’s less about the way you want to parent and more about the dangers it poses for children overall. When children are not vaccinated, it can compromise the health of children everywhere—and, no matter what antivaxx parents say, it’s the damn truth.

One mother shared a story to Reddit about how she invited a girl to her daughter’s birthday party after finding out she was unvaccinated. Dankmoms said:

After I sent out invites to my kids birthday party, I found out one of her friends from dance was unvaccinated. My daughters best friend is in remission from leukemia and is immunocompromised. An unvaxxed kid could kill her. I uninvited the dance kid and very nicely explained the situation. Her mother loses her shit and tries to get us kicked out of the dance school they attend. The dance school owner is an older lady and had no idea there were idiots these days that didn’t vax so she implemented a new rule that students had to be up to date and the unvaxxed kid had to find a new dance school. I felt bad for the kid but her mother is a sociopath. Herd immunity saves lives when it comes to kids fighting cancer.

In all honesty, she’s not wrong. Having an unvaccinated child there poses a threat to her daughter’s best friend and the mother of the unvaccinated girl should be understanding of that. The fact that she’s not is insane to me. Many on Reddit agreed.

This is the thing about antivaxers that really drives me nuts, I feel terrible for their kids getting put at risk, but it’s even worse than that, they are putting at risk anyone who is immune compromised! Elderly, sick, pregnant people, new born babies…. Its selfish and irresposible


I can imagine the old dance school owner lady’s reaction to the idea of anti vaccination, given the relative prevalence of the diseases vaccinated against decades ago when what is now the elderly population were younger.

They must think they are even more stupid than we think they are.


I hope you know that you’re basically a hero, that kid could’ve gotten very sick and I could easily see someone not making the connection or being too embarrassed to uninvite the person.


You are a damn hero. I thought anti-vaxxers were stupid before I got cancer (all good now!) but now I’m like “you dumbasses could have killed me when I was recovering from chemo, fuck off!”


Holy shit. Imagine being told your kid could murder a child who suffered from cancer and can’t fight off illnesses and that’s your reaction. I swear 99% of anti-vaxxers are narcissistic psychopaths.


Agreed that this mom is a hero. Stand by what you believe in, always!