Newspaper Makes An Outrageous Typo In This Julia Roberts Article And I Can’t Stop Laughing

We all make mistakes, right? I mean, there are tons of times when I spell things wrong in text messages or even when I’m writing things online. But, when publishing something for the whole world to see, it’s pretty embarrassing when you make a typo—especially when that typo changes the entire context of the sentence. One newspaper made a glaring typo in an article about actress Julia Roberts, and holy crap did they royally screw it up.

In an article actually published by The Post-Journal, the headline ran as:

“Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her HOLES Get Better With Age.”

Don’t believe me? See for yourselves.

Lordy, what a mistake to make! Don’t worry—the paper issued a correction later on, seeing how holes can have a very dirty, dark meaning.

But, Twitter had a field day laughing this one off.

Still laughing!