Radio Station Is Banning ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ In Light Of The #MeToo Movement

In light of the #MeToo movement and protecting women from sexual harassment and assault, there have been major changes made in society and in the public eye. One of these changes comes from the Cleveland radio station Star 102.

The radio station announced that this year, they will not be playing the holiday classic song “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” As many know, the lyrics can be suggestive and provocative, as a woman says she wants to leave, but the man suggests she should stay because it’s cold outside.

The entire song, while written in a different era, does seem a bit suggestive and forceful in an era where we discuss the empowerment of women and the word “no” as consent. Many on Twitter agreed that the song was no longer “appropriate.”

Others, of course, disagree and believe the song is not about date rape, or any rape at all.

What do you think—is it inappropriate in this day and age, or, are people overreacting?