8 Red Flags That Mean You’re Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted

Many times in life, we’re overwhelmed, overworked, and overexerting ourselves without even realizing it. All of us wear multiple hats and have multiple jobs. We’re mothers, we’re employees (or employers), we’re wives, we’re friends, daughters, sisters/brothers, co-workers—the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that we’re burnt out.

While you may think you’re exhausted, just from being physically tired, there are other signs and symptoms that showcase you’re running yourself into the ground.

1. You lose all motivation.

When we’re feeling lazy and unmotivated, we think it’s just because we’re having an off day—and, sometimes, this can be the case. But, if you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated all of the time, it can be a sign that you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted. Motivation is the driving source to success many times, and without it, we can leave ourselves stagnant and complacent.

2. You feel anxious and worried frequently.

For those who suffer from anxiety, when you’re exhausting yourself your anxiety can be heightened. This can lead to anxiety and panic attacks—because you’re so tired, your body is in “fight or flight” mode. Therefore, you feel shaky, worried, uneasy, and even suffer panic attacks because your body is not getting the TLC it truly needs.

3. You’re on edge.

When you’re easily irritated and on edge—snapping at people all of the time—it can be a huge indicator that there’s a deeper problem. If you find that things you usually let slide start to truly bother you in your core, it’s a big red flag that you’re burning out.

4. You often want to “crawl out of your own skin.”

There’s a feeling that many have when they are on their “last leg,” that feels like anxiety, exhaustion, and illness all in one. Some call it “crawling out of their skin,” others call it “pins and needles,” but it’s an inability to find comfort and connection to the world. Many people who go through this feel lost in their own head, unable to truly “ground” themselves. This is a large indicator that you’re mentally exhausted.

5. You lose your appetite more often than usual.

Exhaustion often leads to lack of appetite and even lack of desire for foods you once loved. Your body begins to act as though you’re ill, and stops “craving” the things you usually would. Maybe you’re someone who loves pizza or chocolate, but when your mentally and emotionally exhausted, the things that you love and that interest you seem dull and almost “blah.” You tend to eat less than normal and almost not at all.

6. You feel run down and you’re frequently getting sick.

Whether it’s a cold or stomach upset, your body responds to how you treat it. If you’re not getting much sleep, constantly on overdrive, and not eating right (or at all), your body is going to struggle when fighting off infections. Colds and infections will enter your system more frequently, and it’ll only drag you down further. Getting sick runs your entire body down—not just your mind—and it’ll be even harder to get yourself out of the funk you’re in.

7. You are short with everyone.

Lack of patience and understanding for those around you is a red flag for your irritability and exhaustion. The more irritable you are, the more it’s a telling sign that something is truly wrong. Think of the reasons you find yourself angry and frustrated and ask yourself if you would normally be that angry at this situation.

8. You break down in tears over small things.

Crying unexpectedly or at random moments is a red flag that emotionally, you are tapped out. Usually, we are able to compartmentalize certain emotions to face later on, when we’re alone or in a safe space. But, if you find yourself crying after a work meeting, or out to dinner with your friends when they ask “how you’re doing,” it’s a huge warning sign that you’re not facing what’s wrong deep inside. 

Don’t worry, you can fix this…