Woman Gets Revenge After Her Co-Worker Told Everyone To ‘Ignore Her Birthday’

Working in an office in a close-knit group can be really great or really petty. Some women and men just can’t stand a little competition for attention. So, instead of being mature, they are childish and rude. One Imgur user shared the story of how a caddy co-worker tried to get the entire office to ignore her birthday altogether by saying she would be “out” that day.

People online began suggesting that she should throw herself her own little party and bring something in to share with her co-workers, stating that it’s more important to share the day than let someone bring her down.

So, that’s exactly what she did.

And, apparently, people felt pretty bad once word spread about the co-worker who was a total d*ck, that they decided to throw her some belated birthday cheer.

Apparently, some women in another department heard what happened, and decided today to surprise me for a belated birthday work day. Made me feel a lot better about everything knowing I have some ladies who have my back here.


And, the co-worker who was a d*ck…well, she came around.

As for the female co-worker, I think she felt bad after it all became apparent. Today she brought me hotchocolate and pepermint shnoops.


Revenge is sweet.