25 Women Confess How They Earned Their ‘Crazy Girlfriend’ Title

In some relationships, many earn the “crazy” title for various reasons. For some, it’s in their actions, for others, it’s in their words. But, we all have times when we can act a little extra. Women are sharing on Reddit the “craziest crazy girlfriend” thing they’ve ever done and…damn ladies.


Well it’s not really a “crazy girlfriend” because It was only a crush. I worked at a supermarket on the registers, and this guy who worked at the store next door came in at the same time, same day every week. I ended up having a crush on him, despite never actually talking to him. I went to the store he worked at one day, his shift was just ending and the next person was taking over for him. I asked his coworker what his name was and he told me. I ended up going on Facebook and typing in his first name, his work place, and where we lived and I found his profile. After looking though all his pictures and being a complete weirdo, I made a fake account to add him on. He’s accepted.

Long story short, that’s how I found out he was gay.



He didnt want to hang out that day so I took the train to his neighborhood . he brought his friends to the train stadion after their band rehearsal like he always did. He saw me walking around and I told him that I just like take walks in his area. It worked and I got to hang out with him because you know since I’m already there… I cringe just thinking about it because he definitively knew.

But to be fair I was 13. Wouldn’t do it again nowadays.



Ran behind his moving car, howling, in the middle of traffic.



My first boyfriend in high school, we were 15/16. He was about to break up with me because he was getting cozy with this hot new freshman girl who already had a reputation for giving great BJs, but I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew is that he was acting differently towards me, in the past he had been almost clingy but he was being really distant and acting like being around me was annoying. But on this day, I was still technically his girlfriend.

So bf and a bunch of other people start leaving together at the end of the school day, the high school was across the street from a bunch of restaurants and I heard from one of the other guys they were headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. They left without me, bf didn’t say anything about it to me. So what do I do? Well naturally I walk over there and park myself outside the restaurant and wait. I waited for probably 90 minutes and this was before smart phones so I was bored af. Eventually the group exits the restaurant and bf sees me sitting on the curb. He wasn’t going to acknowledge me until one of the other guys said “Aren’t you going to say hi to your girlfriend?” So he gave me a quick one-arm hug and said “Ok bye.” Again one of the other guys prompted him to be polite and offer me a ride back to the school. He goes, “Yeah sure just hop in the back” (pickup truck.) Other guy says, “You aren’t going to let your girlfriend ride shotgun?” Bf goes, nah.

So yeah, that was really awkward and he called me two days later to break up with me :/



Paid money to access my boyfriend’s court records because my mom had somehow convinced me he was lying about a certain court case that involved his ex. It turns out he was actually telling the truth. I was only skeptical because he has been known to embellish stories to make them more entertaining. This was while we were broken up for about two weeks, and I feel guilty about it all the time for even doubting him.



Searched “photos liked by boyfriendsname” on Facebook.



I got broken up with.

Four months later was out drinking nearby. Phone him up and basically TELL him, “I’m on my way.” He put up a small fight but in the end..begrudgingly agreed. So I stop at home, (was not driving.) put on my new floral dress and wedges. Really. I looked nice.

I then have a friend drop me off there. Oh, and I also had a huge bottle of vodka in my purse. Despite being very inebriated already, I continued taking straight shots from it.

I wake up alone in his bed and walk downstairs. The amount of hate in his eyes startled me. He began to explain how I had tried to piss in his closet, & when confronted..I cried and declared. “You don’t know what it’s like to be a pretty woman.” I left very swiftly after being told that.

I don’t remember most of the night, & never got the full story as he had virtually blocked me in every ways imaginable.

I’m sorry, Matt.



Found out my ex of 3 years had been cheating on me and had stolen money from my savings and my mother’s safe jewellery to make presents to this other girl for months… Went out with my friends the following night. We all got a bit drunk and for some reason had to poop at the same time. We though it was a good idea to poop on his car. So we walked to his house at 3 am and we all left a little poop on different parts of the car. I AM NOT PROUD. But I don’t regret it either.



A friend of mine flew across the US, pretending to want to reconcile with her recent ex, in order to lock herself in the bathroom with his laptop and wipe the hard drive.

(In her defence, he was trying to send her parents and college professors her nudes and get her expelled and in trouble.)



My ex had a sore on his leg and I had some cream I wanted him to use that would heal it. But the cream was a weird colour and he didn’t want to put it on. I insisted that he should because it would literally heal it overnight, but he continuously refused and got annoyed. I finally snapped and started literally screaming at him to put the fucking cream on and broke down in tears running to my room like a 3 year old. We broke up not long after for other unrelated issues… but yeah. Not my proudest moment.