20 ’10 Year Challenge’ Photos That Prove We’re Killing The Planet

As many know, there is a new viral challenge on Facebook and social media that many are partaking in called the “10 Year Challenge.” How it works is simple: you post a photo of yourself now compared to yourself 10-years-ago. The point is to see how much you have grown and changed. But, many organizations and people decided to show how many things have changed over the last decade for the worse—like, our planet.

These photos speak for themselves.


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#10yearchallenge is a great opportunity to reflect. Have you ever stopped to think where you were 10 years ago? What were the dreams you had for yourself and for the world? What are you most proud of today? If you ask me, I would say that, besides creating and nurturing my own family, I´m also very proud of the Agua Limpa Project, that my family and I created 10 years ago to help to better the quality of the water in my hometown – Brazil. In the beginning it was challenging, but we had a dream and a deep desire to be helpful. 10 years later, I’m happy to say that we did it! We planted more than 40,000 trees on the river banks that not only improved the water quality and helped to preserve the area for the future generations but also created an ecological corridor that brought wildlife back! It´s incredible to see when we give Nature a helping hand, she does the rest and thrives. The more we take care of Nature the better she can take care of us. We are all connected. 🌱💧🌳🙏🏼 ☀️🌎 #10yearschallenge é uma ótima oportunidade para refletir. Você já parou para pensar onde você estava há 10 anos? Quais eram os sonhos que você tinha para si e para o mundo? Do que você mais se orgulha hoje? Se você me perguntasse isso diria que, além de criar e cuidar da minha própria família, também tenho muito orgulho do Projeto Água Limpa, que minha família e eu criamos 10 anos atrás para ajudar a melhorar a qualidade da água na cidade em que cresci. No começo foi desafiador, mas tínhamos um sonho e um profundo desejo de fazermos algo positivo. Dez anos depois, fico feliz em dizer que conseguimos! Plantamos mais de 40.000 árvores nas margens do rio que não só melhoraram a qualidade da água, ajudando a preservar a área para as futuras gerações, mas também criaram um corredor ecológico que trouxe a vida selvagem de volta! É incrível ver que, quando damos uma mãozinha a natureza, ela se encarrega do resto e prospera. Quanto mais cuidamos da natureza, melhor ela pode cuidar de nós. Estamos todos conectados.

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#2008vs2018 and it’s almost unchanged! 😮 #HowHardDidAgingHitYou #10YearChallenge It can take hundreds of years for a…

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#10YearChallenge . Time flies by under our nose, day to day we don’t see these impacts, maybe we are lucky in that regard or maybe we aren’t because it makes us unaware of the irreversible damage we are doing to our planet. . Your choices every single day, affect the world around us. The way you choose to live, the choices you make, it affects everything. Imagine if all 7.7 billion of us stood up, chose to be more conscious ?! Making daily changes in our lives, became more conscious. It’s up to us, we don’t own this earth, we are inhabitants and share it with so many other incredible beings that we are losing at an alarming rate because humans have been so greedy. We might of caused this, but we sure as hell can turn it around again. . Let’s make the next 10 years the time we see our environment bounce back. Choose to not support animal agriculture, or animal products, eat local, grow your own food, support renewables, consume less, waste less, enjoy the outdoors, make sure your purchases aren’t detrimental to the environment, talk to kids, educate them, stop using single use plastics, speak up against deforestation, big oil drilling, animal cruelty, the exotic pet trade, just to name a few. . . Among many other choices I’ve made to help the planet, I’ve also been vegan over 10 years. Be the change you wish to see in the world 🌍 🦋🌿🐠⭐️🐟 . . #ClimateChange #FightForThePlanet #BeTheChange . Thankyou for putting a couple of these collages together @wildaware and everyone else who stood up for the climate with this challenge. If anyone else knows the original photogs for any images DM me 💙

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Do you want to lose this #10YearChallenge? End plastic pollution.

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#10yearchallengeAnd the challenge for the next ten years is to stop this destruction :

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