25 Life Lessons Only Real Adults Understand

Being an adult seems like it’s hard work, because, well—it’s hard work.

1. Everything is expensive.

2. Eat your produce right away.

3. You have to actually answer phone calls.

4. You’ll try to stay healthy at all costs.

5. Bad things happen to good people.

6. Maintaining adult friendships is difficult.

7. You can’t use your mom as an excuse anymore.

8. You will always be tired.

9. You’ll get excited by little things.

10. There are lots of perks.

11. You might become obsessed with interior decorating.

12. You start enjoying grocery shopping.

13. Your life is just the time in between laundry cycles.

14. Everyone around you is reproducing.

15. School didn’t teach you the important things.

16. You’ll start to savor every penny.

17. And try to avoid eating out.

18. Those rhymes your dad taught you start to come in handy.

19. There’s no better feeling than an empty inbox.

20. Google is your daily crutch.

21. You have to find a rhythm and stick with it.

22. You realize that no one actually knows what they’re doing.

23. You start to really understand your parents.

24. Kitchen appliances excite you.

25. Punishments become hobbies.