Gynecologist Responds To Anti-Abortion Claims And It Will Change How You Feel About The Procedure

Recently, New York passed a bill that would allow women to have a third-trimester abortion if, and only if, the mother’s health/life or child’s health/life are at risk. The bill came about in response to the fear that many Americans have of an overturn of Roe v. Wade, which legalizes abortion across the United States. New York, a rather Democratic state, pushed the bill in retaliation to the fear and to ensure a woman’s right to choose would still be protected if the bill were to be overturned.

Many on the right and in the pro-life movement were extremely disturbed. Many immediately began to protest the bill and said that it would allow anyone to have a third-trimester abortion, in which women would kill a full-grown fetus.

However, one gynecologist spoke out against the false information being spread across the Internet and pointed out the facts.

Many people online thanked her for being honest and real with those who thought they “knew all the facts.”