Son Sneaks A Girl Into The House And His Stepdad Live Tweets His Attempt At ‘Sneaking Her Out’

We’ve all snuck a person into our rooms as kids, but now that we’re parents, we worry that our own kids will try and sneak a boyfriend/girlfriend into their rooms while we’re home. Of course, some of us trust our kids to know better. But, not all of our kids are so “trustworthy.”

One stepdad recently found out that his stepson had snuck a girl into his room for a “f*ckfest” (his words, not mine), and, wanted to hilariously live-tweet their “great escape” to try and get past his wife.

The girl left her shoes by the door, so this stepdad thought his wife would totally see the “random all white sneakers.”

He pointed out that no one in the house wore white sneakers.

He also pointed out it would be smart to use the side door, but the shoes were on the opposite side of the house.

Apparently, his wife decided to go into a mega cleaning binge—music blasting and everything. Of course, it would have been the perfect time for the stepson to sneak his girl out.

Many people told the stepdad to help his stepson out, but he said nah.

then, things took a slight turn.

He figured his stepson may be waiting it out for his mom to “take her reading time.”

As it turns out, the stepson was ballsy enough to let his “girl guest” come downstairs, seeing as they are close friends and it wouldn’t look super suspect.

Of course, his stepson knew that he knew—so they exchanged a little wink, wink.

Turns out, young love wins this one.

People online were grateful for the “livetweet” and some wished it ended differently (like in disaster).