Student’s Speech To Class And Teacher On How To Educate Has Many Online Divided

Recently, an old video of a student in a Texas classroom has resurfaced online and gone viral again due to the conflict that many users feel over his passionate speech. The video was taken in what appears to be a high school classroom, where a student and a teacher were disagreeing on something. The student gets frustrated and starts speaking back to the teacher about how she is educating the class poorly and just giving kids packets instead of actually teaching them.

The student is clearly crying out for help and is frustrated with the way the teacher is simply there to collect a paycheck, rather than teach the students.

Kid Tells Teacher To Put More Effort Into Her Methods Of How She Teaches.. Was He Wrong?? 🤔🤔CallmeChoko "Choko"

Posted by CallmeChoko "Choko" on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Many online were torn about the video. Some thought that the student made valid points and should continue towards a career in education to change the norm.

But, others said the kid was disrespectful and rude, and that parents need to teach their son manners.

As a teacher myself, I truly believe that if a student is crying out for help, it is my job to listen to them and realize that not all students have the same learning style and skills. Additionally, education is about critical thinking and debates. Is the student out of line? Yes, but if the teacher spoke to him and maybe proposed a meeting, or even allowed the class to have a disucssion—openly—it could have gone much differently for them both.