Woman Offers Extra Breast Milk To A**hole Mother Who Doesn’t Deserve It At All

Some mothers reach a point in breastfeeding where they cannot produce enough milk. When this happens, sometimes, they panic and worry about how they can feed their child without enough milk. Luckily, there are many women out there that produce too much milk and, are kind enough to donate their breast milk to mothers in need.

Recently, one Imgur user shared screenshots of a conversation she had with another mother, who heard from a mutual friend that the woman had extra milk and had donated it to another baby in need. She asked if she had “any more milk to spare.” The mother was kind enough to say yes.

She also said she could only spare 60 ounces, as her own daughter is 6-weeks-old and needs milk—and, she had been donating the milk to other mothers with preemies who were in need.

But, 60 ounces was not enough for this mother. Instead of being grateful, she was rude and nasty to this kind, giving, mother.

As it turns out, this a**hole mother is the mother of a toddler, not an infant, who can have other food besides breastmilk. Instead of being understanding of the giving mother, she responded like a complete jerkoff.

Wow, how disgusting! Glad she didn’t get this milk anyway and we hope it went to someone else in need.

Image source: Imgur.