Woman Requests ‘Round Manicure’ And The Results Will Haunt Your Dreams

Getting your nails done is a calming, relaxing experience for many women. We love the idea that we can go out, get pampered, and come home looking at our beautiful fingers with everything we do—like cooking, cleaning, typing, changing our kid’s diapers. A woman with new nails is unstoppable. But, when our nails don’t come out the way we want them to—oof, it’s a bad day.

One nail tech shared the aftermath of a client who came to her to fix the botched manicure she got at another nail salon. She had requested a round manicure. Something like this…

But, she ended up with…

This is what happened to my client when she went into a different local nail bar without doing her research 😂😂 i couldn't believe my eyes so I had to get a picture 😂😂😂😂 £35 she paid for these

Posted by Angela Blemmings on Friday, June 30, 2017

OOF. I would be super pissed if I paid for these. Whoever did her nails needs some glasses—or, needs to learn how to do nails better. It looks like her acrylic is all the way passed her cuticle. Ouch. No thanks.

Don’t worry, she got them fixed up.

They may not be round, but they’re for sure better than those other nails!