Woman Who Almost Died From Vaccine Shuts Down Anti-Vaxxers With Powerful Story

One of the biggest topics discussed and argued about amongst parents today is the vaccination conversation. Many parents know that vaccinating your kids is the right thing to do. However, there are parents who are against vaccinations, thinking they cause Autism and other illnesses and disabilities. But, if anyone knows what goes on when vaccinations go wrong, it’s Clementine.

Twitter user Clementine posted a thread about her personal experience with vaccines recently online.

At 14-years-old, she had horrible, life-changing side effects after receiving the tetanus-diphtheria vaccine.

Clementine developed pneumonia, was bedridden, and started having to use a wheelchair.

However, Clementine is not anti-vaxx.

She understands that vaccines are important for keeping everyone healthy, and is okay with being the “one” to help “millions.”

She even explains why those who choose not to vaccinate their kids are selfish and wrong.

Many people online were blown away by her bravery to stand up for the right cause.

And, other people who are immune compromised spoke up, too.

Thank you Clementine, for being on the right side of history.