Babysitter Reveals Why She Never Accepts A Sleeping Child

Babysitters are the unsung Gods and Goddesses for parents who need a little break from their children. While our families are often our go-to babysitters, there are those who like to hire neighborhood teens or even professionals from nanny services. Others like to drop their child off at daycare services so they can work and earn money for their families. Regardless of who babysits your child, many have strict rules on how they deal with children and how they take care of them.

One babysitter who works at a daycare center recently shared one of the biggest rules she has when parents or guardians drop their children off—never just “accept” a sleeping child.

She shared that she originally thought that children would be sleeping because parents and guardians had them on a napping schedule. However, she later learned that sometimes, people will drug their children with sleeping medication or other drugs that cause drowsiness to keep them sleeping.

The babysitter added that the daycare had the policy put into place on purpose because they knew that children that come from abusive parents do this to blame the abuse on the babysitters or daycare centers.

It’s pretty smart, don’t you think?

h/t: Goodfullness.